Speaking Engagments

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Past Speaking Engagements

"Music Licensing and Contracts/ Sate of the Industry"
Northeastern University lecture/ Boston, Mass Zoom
"The Music Industry: A Foreign Country Perspective"
Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP)/ Zoom panel Paris,France; London, England and Los Angeles panelists/ Muderator and Panelist
"Music Licensing, Contracts and Copyright"
Georgia State Law School lecture
"Music Rates and Royalties in Today's and Tomorrow's World"
Americana Conference/ CLE section / Nashville, Tenn.
"Songwriter and Artist Royalties: What You Need To Know"
West Coast Songwriters Association annual conference. San Francisco CA
"Why Are Music Publishing Catalogues So Valuable"
Cutting Edge CLE Conference/ New Orleans, LA
"Performances, Mechanicals and Synchs: Rates and Royalties"
Cutting Edge CLE Conference/ New Orleans, LA
"Music, Money and Mindfulness"
LA Times Festival of Books/ Los Angeles, CA
"Performing Rights Organizations and the MLC"
American University/ John Simson "Music Business" course webinar/ Washington, D.C.
"Making $ in Music Licensing in a Changing World
SouthBySouthWest 2021 webinar panel
"Music Licensing in Today's World"
Cal State Nirthridge Music Business course webinar
"Trading in Music Law, Business Practices and Cross-Border Issues"
State Bar of Michigan/ International Law Section webinar
"Monetizing Publishing and Copyrights""
Georgia State Law School/ Kendall Minter Music Business course
"Masters and Publishing, Neighboring Rights and Copyrights"
California Lawyers For the Arts webinar
"Masters and Publishing, Neighboring Rights and Copyrights"
California Lawyers For the Arts webinar
"Music, Money and Success" at USC
USC weekly course January-May, 2021/ 16 classes.
"Mechanical Licensing Collective Update: Rights, Rates and Royalties Post Music Modernization Act"
Entertainment Law Institute. State Bar of Texas/ Austin, TX
"Music Publishing 2020: The Return of the Fabulous Brabec Brothers"
California Copyright Conference/ Los Angeles, CA
"How Covid-19 is Impacting the Music Industry"
Practicing Law Institute (PLI)/ New York City. New York
"Music Licensing in Today's World: A Changing Landscape"
Cutting Edge Entertainment Law Seminar/ Cutting Edge Redux Conference/ New Orleans, LA